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Reach helps charities and other voluntary organisations fulfill their potential by connecting them with volunteers with the right management, professional, technical or business expertise.

Reach for Voluntary OrganisationsHow Reach can help your organisation

We enable organisations to find skilled volunteers who can really make a difference. We have over 2,000 registered volunteers with experience in management, IT, marketing, accountancy, project management, HR, finance and many other areas. Most have at least three years' experience and they are spread throughout the UK.

The unique Reach service

Our personalised service offers you help with defining your role, making it attractive to potential candidates and to understand what skills would best benefit your organisation. Reach can only accept roles that are based in the UK.

Skilled volunteers are in great demand so voluntary organisations must compete for attention. Roles appeal most to volunteers when they clearly fit into the organisation’s structure and contribute to its mission and objectives.

It will also be important to excite potential volunteers about your cause and what benefits your organisation brings.

We will help you clarify issues such as the kind of tasks involved, the skills and time required and how flexible you can be on requirements.

Once the role has been defined we will then search our list of skilled volunteers and identify those with the right skills and experience. We will contact them on your behalf to find out if they are interested in your role.

If you are registering a trustee role with us then you will need register with our  trustee service TrusteeWorks

Registering with Reach

Once you are clear about the requirements of the role, we will ask you to fill in a registration form. When your role has been accepted we will search our list of registered volunteers and contact those with the right skills to find out if they are interested in helping you.

You can find registration forms and details here.

The Reach expertise

Reach has been boosting the resources of the voluntary sector for over 30 years. We work with over 10,000 organisations across the UK. There are over 6,000 of our volunteers working on any given day.  Each year Reach volunteers contribute £31 million of expertise to the organisations they assist.


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